Thursday, 20 March 2014

The red crested pochard has returned

While we were out in our boat at the weekend we saw two male and one female red crested pochard. They tend to nest on Garrick's Ait but every Spring they return here for wheat treats.  As I predicted, it wasn't long before we saw one of the males here.  He drops by every morning and stays for several hours.  It won't be long before the pair also turn up once the female has started to nest.

 A fine looking pochard

The blue tits are busy building their nest in their favourite box.  I have also noticed a thrush gathering nesting material and flying with it to an ivy covered tree on the Molesey bank. The blackbird, meanwhile, must have finished her nest as she no longer visits our garden for material.

Mute swans 'busking'

Taggs' island's dominant swans are nesting in the lagoon but their territory extends beyond the island. Unfortunately for them there are quite a few mute swans using this stretch of the river so there are plenty of displays of power and plenty of chases. The two swans above are sizing up each with their wings flared and their necks drawn back to impress each other with their power and strength. 

Yesterday, when I looked in the duck nest box there were three eggs but today there is only one.  I'm not sure whether the eggs are being taken by a mink, a magpie or a crow.  Nature can be very cruel.

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