Sunday, 27 January 2008

Winter Continues

Reflections in a pond on an icy day

We managed to get out for a refreshing walk one chilly morning and I loved the reflections in the pond. There were little chunks of ice floating around, too.

A view from the bridge in Bushy Park of the Longford River and woodland garden

This is my favourite of the two woodland gardens. I've noticed that dozens of coots and moorhens congregate on the grass in winter. For most of the year they're not at all gregarious but, come the Spring, there are massive territorial battles, some very vicious.

Heron looking into the lagoon for supper

I spotted this heron approaching the roof of one of the houseboats. It hung around for a while on the roof before swooping down to the lower branches of a willow tree in the lagoon, one of its favourite fishing spots.

More reflections

Sunrise on a chilly morning

It was wonderful to watch the sun rising in this darkened sky on a misty late January morning. I love the atmospheric effect the winter light has at sunrise at this time of year.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Too much to do and too little time to do it in

The weather hasn't been great over the last few weeks and when there is sunshine it isn't always possible to get out with the camera. This was a brief exception when I managed to get out for an hour.

A moment's pause to watch another fox

This is definitely the dominant fox of the two and is also more friendly and approachable. The other one slinks off when humans approach but is also a fine specimen.

On a mission

There was no mistaking the purposeful gait of the fox today. Perhaps it had its eyes on the Egyptian geese or ducks close by on the pond?