Sunday, 30 March 2014

It's not only the sap that's rising!

The male ducks are now desperate to mate with any female duck and 'Squeaks', a big, fat white duck is being regularly attacked by a smaller white duck.  Her two grey hybrid suitors do their best to protect her but the smaller duck is incredibly determined.

 Squeaks' boys try to defend her from the smaller white duck

 The white duck won't be deterred

I was surprised at how persistent the smaller white duck is, in spite of a determined attempt by Squeaks' two favourite boys to drag him off. The white duck wasn't to be put off and tried at least six times to mate with Squeaks.  

The fruit trees are in blossom

The weather has started to warm up again and most of the fruit trees are now in bloom.  It's good to see bees and several butterflies in the garden searching for pollen from the unfurling blossoms. 

Male red crested pochard 

Yesterday all three pochards came for their late afternoon treat but today we only saw the 'spare' male.
We had a special visitor in the morning, though. A kingfisher spent some time on our railing looking for a 'bite to eat'.  It is such a small bird but truly spectacular and I always feel uplifted when I see this beautiful bird.

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