Sunday, 2 March 2014

More rain!

I only have one image  for today as a record of the floods during February 2014, though not showing them at their worst!

The view from our home across Hurst Meadows in mid February

For the record, today is yet another day with exceptionally strong winds from the afternoon onwards with very heavy cloudbursts this evening.  The ground is already soaked since the floods and it has rained all too regularly since the river returned to normal levels.

This picture shows how the river flooded Hurst Park and Hurst Meadows but doesn't show just how far the river actually spread across both sides of our island.

Today started with fine weather and we watched a fourth Mallard pair investigate our duck nesting boxes.  Dave checked out the garden bird nest boxes as there has been some tentative activity in our carport with some Blue Tits are already showing signs of checking out their territory.  It won't be too long before some Blue Tits and maybe a Robin decide to start nest building.

We've had a pair of Pigeons (not Wood Pigeons)  raiding our feeders recently and the Wood Pigeons aren't impressed with the newcomers.  Nor am I as they are rapacious feeders and not scared of humans.

Today we saw three boats on the river which is a sign that the flow must be a little less dangerous.  After today's heavy downpours I wonder whether conditions will change again as we have to cope with what falls upstream of us, and that was more significant rainfall.  It's unusual to have so very little river traffic at this time of year. 

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