Friday, 28 March 2014

It has been remarkably quiet on the duck front today.  At the moment there seem to be far fewer fights than we've experienced in other years.  The four pairs that regularly call by for food time their visits carefully and those lowest in the pecking order wait 'in the wings' for the others to feed before taking their turn.


It's been mostly grey and overcast today with a bitterly cold breeze. Lonely, who's a dark duck anyway, doesn't photograph well when the light isn't good!

No ducks have been in any of the nesting boxes as far as we can tell but I watched one of the crows walk up the plank and look inside the nest without the eggs.  It seemed to want to check out the other box too, the one with the eggs, but was apparently deterred by the mop 'curtain' we've placed over the entrance.

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