Sunday, 23 March 2014

Ring neck enjoys warm afternoon sunshine

So far so good!  The crow hasn't stolen any more eggs so we're hoping that the 'mop head' flap to the entrance of the nest box has deterred it.  The duck has laid another egg so she must be okay with the new entrance flap.

 Ring Neck finds a warm spot on the roof

I heard a duck quacking quietly outside the front door but could see no sign of any mallards.  Suddenly a head peered over the edge of the roof above me - it was Ring Neck looking for a quick wheat treat. She was able to eat without being disturbed and, shortly afterwards she settled down on a neighbour's roof.  Just as I grabbed the camera it started to hail and the hailstones really stung the backs of my hands.

An hour of sunshine before temperatures plummet

The roof was reflecting the day's heat and there was still an hour of sunshine to bask in before the heat went out of the day.  The forecast is for - 3 C tonight and the ducks seem to know this as they are eating more than they have been during the warmer weather.

I've wrapped the citrus trees and other delicate plants in fleece to protect them and hope that the cold spell doesn't last for too many days.

All four pairs of mallards have been around today but I haven't seen any pochards.  The mandarins are regulars again, just one pair and a spare at the moment,  the same as the pochards.

There have been far fewer swans about today so perhaps one pair has finally seen off the rest.

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