Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The ducks have gone!

The ducks have done a disappearing act and not one investigated the nesting boxes early this morning. I know they're fickle, we've seen this behaviour before, but they'll probably be back in a few days. "The girls' only showed up at the end of the day! Meanwhile, late this morning some of the rogue males flew in and teamed up.  I see trouble ahead for the poor nesting females in a couple of weeks' time.

Lonely turned up for supper

In the early evening some of the 'pairs' of ducks turned up for their evening treat.  Lonely and her partner, Ring Neck and hers and the hybrid boy and his.

The blue tits continued to check out both bird boxes - I think the third one has been ruled out.  There's been a lot of pecking at the entrances of both boxes and we've seen blue tits in the 'camera' box although the Bob Box is still being investigated.

It has been another chilly and fairly grey day but we've had no rain. For the first time in a long while, some of the less experienced rowers had a lesson - the more experienced teams are definitely making up for lost time!  Unfortunately they've woken us up twice now, once at 5.52am and today at 5.51am, with the cox's electronic intercom.  They have been told not to use loud hailers before 7.00am but they seem indifferent to the disturbance they cause.  All they have to do is to wait until they have passed our houseboats - we are within 400 metres of the boat club - and then they would be in a wider stretch of river and would not wake us up!

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