Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The park over the road in Autumn

Heron yawning

I've didn't realize until I looked at this picture closely that the heron was showing its tongue. I watched it stalking fish in the shallows for a while. Its ability to stand immobile is impressive.


It was amazing to watch this jackdaw ridding the deer of unwanted parasites. It worked its way along the haunches and up the spine before finally inspecting the deer's ear for bugs. A starling was doing much the same on another deer close by.

A view from Bushy Park

Bushy Park is a fabulous Royal Park which was part of Henry VIII's Hampton Court Palace estate. Deer roam the large open areas and there are two lovely woodland gardens which have attractive water features and plenty of wildlife. The shrieking of dozens of wild parakeets ring through the trees, especially at roosting time giving the park an exotic feel.

A fallow deer cross the Longford River

The deer sometimes canter through the streams but I've also seen them congregate in the wide and shallow areas 'messing about' in the water, just like kids.

Sly fox

Lunchtime in the park and the pair of young foxes are brave enough to be seen in daylight. This one is particularly brave, and I thought foxes were nocturnal!

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