Sunday, 16 September 2007

Autumn is in the air

Rowers near Molesey Lock in the early morning light

There's a definite feel of autumn these mornings, with mists on the river and that lovely golden haze as the sun filters through. The leaves on the horse chestnut trees are turning contributing their colour to the gentle morning light.

A young fox in Bushy Park

I've spent weeks trying to photograph the foxes in the park but they've always been camera shy. This youngster was cautious but curious and I was able to take a few pictures of it before it slunk away into the undergrowth.

The brother or sister of the youngster above

I was so excited about seeing the fox and when I spoke to a couple, who were also transfixed by the sleek and healthy looking youngster, they told me there were two to look out for. As the weather was brilliant the next day I headed back to the park and was fortunate enough to enjoy the company of the two young foxes for around 20 minutes. At first they were cautious but after a while they settled and ran around looking for food. It was quite magical to watch them chasing each other, sitting and scratching, slinking into the bushes when other people approached and then reappearing when the coast was clear.

A deer in Bushy Park

On the way back from watching the foxes I saw this deer trot through the main park. It is approaching the rutting season and I must get back to photograph the antics of the stags as they try to hold together their harems.

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