Saturday, 5 April 2014

What a difference a day makes!

I never thought to see the day when a coot abandoned the 'self build' style nest for a pre-fab one! Having said that the coots wouldn't nest in the box because it couldn't drag large twigs through the box entrance I was astonished to see four coot eggs inside the box and not one twig!  In the past we have watched coots build and build and build their untidy nests and never know when to stop.  They just can't resist the need to drag more and more twigs to their nests.

 Four coot eggs and not a single twig

 Fourteen duck eggs

There's quite a difference in size and colour between Flare Tail's eggs and those of the coot. The duck has been laying an egg every day in spite of frequent interruptions from the rogue drake.  Oddly enough Flare Tail's partner is quite chummy with Flare Tail's tormentor.  His attempts at protecting her are half hearted most of the time.

Flare Tail in the nest through the 'duck -cam'

We enjoy watching 'our girl' on her nest.  It can be very calming when she's relaxing although she can get hyperactive at times and also very stressed when the randy mallard tries to drag her off her nest into the river to mate with her.

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