Monday, 19 November 2007

Home and Away

Snowy egret with attitude!

While we were in Florida this snowy egret caught our attention. It was busy having a scratch but it looks like it's telling us to 'clear off' with an unsubtle gesture.

A reddish egret intent on lunch

We watched this reddish egret hunt for food, confusing the fish by its ridiculous dance in the water. Its antics made us laugh out loud as it led its prey a merry dance. It was in one of the many lagoons within the Ding Darling Nature Reserve on Sanibel Island.

Mute swans on Taggs Island

While visiting a house on the lagoon of Taggs Island, a houseboat community in south west London, I watched a family of mute swans try to persuade residents in the lagoon to feed them!

Mist on The Thames in the early morning in winter - a view from our lounge!

We've had a series of beautiful, crisp, cold and misty mornings recently. It's so lovely to see the light change as the sun burns off any mist on the river.

We're the top swans on this stretch

On a really misty morning I watched the mute swans let anyone and everyone know that they were the top honchos. Bidou, the resident black swan (on the right in this picture) is protective of her adopted family and drives off any swan intruders.

Tufted duck grooming

After breakfast the ducks and swans take time to preen and keep their plumage in good condition. This male tufted duck made us smile as it paddled round in circles trying to keep its undersides ship shape.

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