Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Lonely's nest and abandoned eggs attract attention

Golden Eye decides to take over Lonely's nest and eggs

Since Lonely disappeared (presumed dead) over a week ago, Golden Eye and Beaky have both shown an interest in her nest and eggs. Unfortunately, they aren't the only ones. A strong breeze lifted the duck down and straw covering the eggs and a huge crow spotted them and has been raiding the nest regularly. We've tried to chase it away . . . . unsuccessfully.

Meanwhile, Beaky and Golden Eye vied with each other for the nest and Golden Eye eventually won and laid an egg in the nest. Sadly, the crow, has cleaned the nest out now but it dropped an egg on the far side of the deck and we were amazed to see Golden Eye wander over to it and start eating the yolk.

Today Golden Eye abandoned Lonely's now empty nest and has taken over a plant pot and laid a fresh egg in that. She left it exposed so I did my best to cover it and, so far, the crow hasn't spotted it.

A camera shy duckling

The sole surviving duckling of a brood of seven, pictured above, explores the rockery and cascade with its mum. It's beginning to show signs of independence even though it's still tiny.

Bidou in the early morning sunshine

Time is passing and Bidou's eggs haven't yet hatched. Perhaps they're infertile and it will all have been a waste of time? We shall have to wait and see.

A parakeet at the window

Our window bird feeders were meant for the smaller garden bird but have attracted some unusual visitors. This parakeet shows no fear, even when I'm washing up at the kitchen sink, less than two feet from it. Even the jay stops to grab a sunflower heart or half peanut if I remain still, and the greater spotted woodpecker has also become used to me. Unfortunately, the wood pigeons also think they're entitled to raid the feeders and regularly empty them.

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